Character Update!

June 10, 2010 at 8:17 pm (Game)

Character Update!

New Characters!

Neoptolemus II

Class: Red (Elemental) Mage Leader

Age: 10 Years old

Race: Human

Bio: The leader of the major tribe of Red Magus. Doesn’t have a name, and was mute when found. Found as a baby on the streets, climbed the ranks quickly, and is the youngest tribe leader in the history of all of the Mage Tribes. If you’re looking for him, check inside the Leader’s Tent of the Jynksoh Tribe (Major Red Mage Tribe) with his nose in an alchemy book. His first word at the age of 6 was Neoptolemus, who happened to be the founder of the  Jynksoh Tribe. That later became his name.



Sumelotpoen II

Class: Blue (curing) Mage Leader

Race: Human

Age: 10

Bio: The Polar Opposite of Neoptolemus II. Called “Sum” by her friends, Sumelotpoen II is a very active, imaginative, and energetic girl with many friends.



Like them? Did you notice that Sumelotpoen is Neoptolemus spelled backwards? Neoptolemus would be called “Neo” by his friends, if he had any. I didn’t put as much info on them as much as I did with the others  because they aren’t involved in the story as much. Feel free to criticize, as long as it’s constuctive criticizm.

Please note that these characters are not going to be in this game, they are going to be supportive (Auto Battle) characters in the sequel, (placeholder title) The Vortex Ripples.



  1. Joe said,

    G, I like these new characters and their names. Where do they live? Do they have any friends? Do they know each other?

    • wonderprince302 said,

      Work on grammar, Joe. The mage tribes are nomad tribes. No, they don’t have enough time to make friends, since the’re always on the go. They have no idea eachother exists, because Ghravyhti (godess of gravity, pronounced grra -vi – tee (with a french accent))
      made a Dheeal (a god’s deal, pronounced deel) with Mhaghyk (the god of the magi’s force, pronouced ma-gik (with a french accent)) that all magically polar opposited Magi Tribes are physically polar opposited (meaning on opposite sides of the world.). Thanks for commenting! Edit: Fixed your grammar. Yes, since this is my blog, I can do that.

  2. Lucia said,


    This is a very promising start, and the premise sounds appealing to many different groups. I’m looking forward to seeing more.


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